Procedure Overview

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed in the bone where teeth are missing. The implant has a connection with the overlying fabricated crown. The implant and crown will then function and look like the root and crown of a natural tooth.

``I am missing only a few teeth``

At Blueridge OMS we work closely with your dentist in the management of your dental implant care.

During your consultation appointment a 3D scan will be taken. Combined with intraoral imaging, our team uses specialized software to design and order the exact size and implant specifications needed for you. The 3D image of your bone will give us the information we need to know if you need a bone graft in the area.

At Blueridge OMS we take pride in providing the best care possible.Your safety, privacy and comfort are of the utmost importance.

— Dr. Osama Soliman

Digital Workflow Process


Photographs, CBCT, Intraoral scan

Virtual Show & Tell

Custom parts ordered and design completed

3D Printed Surgical Guides

Planned with your dentist/denturist and our laboratory and implant partners

Surgery Day

Surgical Suites or Operating Room​ prepared. Options for awake, IV sedation or General anesthesia​ with in house Anesthesiologist for larger reconstructive surgery.

Surgery Follow Ups

Coordinated prosthetic solutions with your dentist/denturist and our laboratory and implant partners

Surgical Excellence



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