Procedure Overview

Anesthesia is at the core of what we offer at Blueridge OMS. Understandably, surgery can cause anxiety! At Blueridge OMS we offer our patients the safety and comfort required for any surgical procedure. Anesthetic options include:

Local Anesthesia

A needle is used to give patients local numbing medication. This is typically used for patients undergoing a simple oral surgical procedure (biopsies, extractions, etc.)

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas delivered through a triangle nose piece. This is mainly used for simple oral surgical procedures to more involved procedures such as small bone grafts and single implants

Intravenous anesthesia (IV)

There are different grades of IV anesthesia, from light sedation to complete general anesthesia. Most wisdom teeth and larger implant surgeries are completed with IV anesthesia.

General Anesthesia with our Anesthesiologist

A medical anesthesiologist is available for larger surgical cases in our operating room suite. This is typically reserved for larger cases such as chin and lip procedures, wisdom teeth, Zygoma cases or All on x implants

General Anesthesia in the Hospital

Generally reserved for patients who are medically complex or for extensive surgical procedures such as correctional jaw surgery. During your consultation appointment we will go through these options and discuss which is most suitable for you.

At Blueridge OMS we take pride in providing the best care possible.Your safety, privacy and comfort are of the utmost importance.

— Dr. Osama Soliman

Medical history will be updated each time we see you. If there are any medical concerns we will request information from your primary care physician.

On the day of the procedure we understand you will be anxious. Our priority is to provide patients with a comfortable and safe environment for surgery. You will be under the care of the Doctor, a Registered Nurse, a Dental Assistant, working together to ensure that your experience is safe.  Once surgery is complete you will need to relax in our recovery area where a Registered Nurse will monitor you. You will not be able to drive or do anything that requires you to be focused for the first 24hrs. Once you have met specific criteria you will be allowed to go home with a responsible caretaker.

Surgical Excellence



Digital Workflow Process


Photographs, CBCT, Intraoral scan

Virtual Show & Tell

Custom parts ordered and design completed

3D Printed Surgical Guides

Planned with your dentist/denturist and our laboratory and implant partners

Surgery Day

Surgical Suites or Operating Room​ prepared. Options for awake, IV sedation or General anesthesia​ with in house Anesthesiologist for larger reconstructive surgery.

Surgery Follow Ups

Coordinated prosthetic solutions with your dentist/denturist and our laboratory and implant partners

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