Your Next Appointment

Thank you for trusting us with your care. To help us with your next appointment we ask you complete a few things before seeing us:

1)      Check out our video with some of the new protocols we have in place.

2)      Fill out our express registration by going to:

3)      If you have a long list of medications, bring a list with you so we can scan it in our system or email it to us at before coming in.

4)      Bring ID – such as a health card or a driver’s license

5)      If you want us to Fax any prescriptions to your pharmacy, please have the number ready when you arrive at the office

6)      Please bring your insurance card information so we may send a claim on your behalf

The focus of Blueridge OMS is to provide surgical excellence in a convenient, innovative and safe environment. Our staff members are devoted to making your appointments as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Feel free to let us know if you want anything customized for you!

Safety Protocols

To protect the health and safety of all our patients, please adhere to the following guidelines:


Before coming into the office

You’ll be sent an email. Please fill in your medical history using our Blueridge OMS Portal:


When you arrive at the office

Use hand sanitizer

Please wear a mask and put on gloves for the duration of your visit

Your temperature will be checked, you’ll be directed to one of our treatment rooms or you may need to wait in the car

If you’re being sedated, your caretaker will wait in the car and we will call them when you’re ready

You will be asked some screening questions when you arrive

Our digital signature pads should make your consent process easy

We’ll try to accommodate you for a consult and procedure on the same day


When you are in surgery

You’ll be asked to rinse with 1% peroxide

Postoperative instructions will be emailed to you

Please allow us extra time to disinfect between patients


Thank you!