Oral Surgery Redefined

Blueridge is setting the new standard for Oral Surgery

We believe that the surgical process can be better. This means a faster, less painful experience for patients, and a clearer, more streamlined process for dentists.  Having access to the best Imaging and 3D printing tools available means more accurate surgeries, more successful surgeries and new solutions. By continually investing in new technologies, improving workflow, and rethinking how to utilize information, Blueridge delivers better surgeries.

  • Surgical Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Convenience

The Blueridge Advantage

Surgical Excellence

At Blueridge OMS, we take pride in providing the best care possible. Our facility is equipped with three surgical suites. The main operating room is a fully equipped surgical suite that includes a hospital grade anesthesia machine.

Our surgical  team includes an anesthesiologist, registered nurses, dental assistants and your Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. Your safety, privacy and comfort are of the utmost importance.

The Blueridge Advantage


To perform surgery to the highest standard, we utilize some of the best equipment and software for planning and execution. For implant rehabilitation and reconstruction, a 3D image is taken using our in-house scanner, and a Virtual Surgical Plan is created. Specialized software is used to send information to our 3D printer for surgical guides and models.

We work with our lab partners and referrals who need intraoral scanning to assist with prosthetic solutions.

The Blueridge Advantage


We understand surgery is stressful. To make your experience as easy as possible, we provide you with

  • Dedicated parking spots directly in front of the unit for easy access
  • Separate entrance and exit for privacy
  • In-house operating room with a dedicated anesthesiologist
  • Private recovery area

Digital Workflow Process


Photographs, CBCT, Intraoral scan

Virtual Show & Tell

Custom parts ordered and design completed

3D Printed Surgical Guides

Planned with your dentist/denturist and our laboratory and implant partners

Surgery Day

Surgical Suites or Operating Room​ prepared. Options for awake, IV sedation or general anesthesia​ with in-house anesthesiologist for larger reconstructive surgery.

Surgery Follow Ups

Coordinated prosthetic solutions with your dentist/denturist and our laboratory and implant partners


A cone beam CT machine is an x ray machine used to capture the facial structures in three dimensions. At Blueridge OMS the scanner used is a Vatech PaX-i3D Green. Vatech’s innovative technology uses an ultra-low X-ray dose, and a rapid 5.9 second scan feature.  The CBCT machine is a standing unit (with wheelchair accessibility) that has field of view sizes ranging from 5×5 (small area limited to a few teeth) to 15×15 (large field of view for the entire face).

Regular 2D images are useful for most dental and surgical procedures, but if there is more information required to plan and visualize anatomy, we use the CBCT machine only when needed.3D imaging can be used to look for impacted tooth position, nerve position, assess facial structures for trauma, localize pathology, and assist in virtual surgical planning. We share 3D images and videos with your referring doctor to collaborate, plan your treatment, and ultimately perform surgery to the gold standard.

Virtual Surgery Planning

Virtual planning is an innovative way of showing patients what their surgery will look like. The team at Blueridge OMS will obtain a CBCT scan, as well as an intraoral scan and through specialized software the surgery will be planned simultaneously!

At Blueridge OMS 3D printed surgical guides are created in house. These guides are used during the surgery for execution of the original virtual plan.

3D Printing

At Blueridge OMS we plan surgeries in ‘virtual world’ first. Using information from our virtual planning, surgical guides are printed in house. When we are discussing cases with our referrals, we use 3D printed patient models to plan each step of the process.
When you come to our office, ask to see our 3D printer – you will love it!